I am a South African, Dutch wildlife photographer with an endless passion for nature. I aim to capture Earth's breath-taking biodiversity and take stand-out photographs of many species. Every species deserves to have their story told, from the abundant Eurasian Blue Tit to the iconic African Elephant, and my goal is to do so to the best of my ability. When out, I place an emphasis on trying out many compositions, from close-up portraits to wide-angle environmental shots to tell a story through each animal. Colour and contrast are my focus, and I work hard to construct my images in a way that artistically represents the best features of the subject. 
I love exploring new places, but also discovering hidden natural wonders in ordinary places. Over the past few years, I have realised the best way to create great images is to simply keep exploring, to build a strong connection with my environment, subject and equipment, no matter where I am. My photography locations range from the incredible Kruger National Park to small, local nature reserves in The Netherlands and England. Every site offers different challenges, and unique photographic opportunities to test my skills.
This is my photographic journey.
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